Don’t let your guard down yet!
By Dr. Joseph Nicholas

Right now Western NY is entering a most difficult phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, with record numbers of people getting infected and getting hospitalized. Right now all hospitals in Western NY are struggling to find room and staff to care for the huge numbers of infected patients coming to their emergency rooms.  Although vaccines will likely help control this pandemic in the year ahead, there are many important things for us all to do to stay safe!


  • Masking, handwashing and distancing are the best ways to avoid getting or spreading Covid.
  • People can spread Covid without feeling or looking sick.
  • Most people get infected from close family and friends and coworkers, during times when they are not masking. 
  • Indoor parties, concerts, bars, and other close gatherings are common places to get infected.
  • While most people who get Covid-19 do not end up needing the hospital, many others will get extremely ill and be left with complications.  And while older people are at the highest risk of serious illness and death, there are younger patients who also end up in intensive care.

Please do your part to help keep our community healthy, our businesses open and our healthcare workers safe- things will be better in the spring.

Dr. Joseph Nicholas, SHHC Medical Director

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