UPDATE: The Governor is also encouraging any company with the proper equipment or personnel to begin to manufacture PPE products if possible. The state is willing to provide funding to any company to obtain the proper equipment and personnel. Businesses interested in receiving state funding to manufacture PPE products should contact Eric Gertler at 212-803-3100 or COVID19supplies@esd.ny.gov.

Rochester Regional Joint Board is working to connect members, companies, and local health care facilities to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Joseph Nicholas, Sidney Hillman Medical Director, asked the union for help reaching out to companies and their workers to ask if they would be able to urgently repurpose their production lines towards making masks, gloves, and other protective gear for health care workers. RRJB Manager, Gary Bonadonna Jr., contacted the union Business Representatives and they in turn have been reaching out to the companies.

So far, there has been many positive responses from local employers. This is a developing story and we will report on their progress as we hear back.

Any companies interested in producing protective medical gear or supplies can contact:

Dr. Joseph Nicholas