Union Workers Make Masks for Hospitals and Essential Workers

Recently, Xerox published a story (McCue, Matt, “How Xerox Turned Filters into Face Masks) describing how they worked together with another Rochester company to manufacture face masks aiming to protect health care workers during the COVID-19 outbreak. The story details the whole process from initial inspiration to the final product. What is especially significant is […]

Barista Magazine Spotlights SPoT Coffee Workers

“Under the new contract, SPoT employees have significant wage increases, paid sick time, fair staffing levels, and protections from unfair discipline and firings. “People are excited to go to work today. Their attitude and outlook towards working has improved dramatically. People are proud to work for SPoT now. We’ve had a lot of people that […]

Hickey Freeman Now Making Masks

“They’re doing an awesome job over there. From prototype to final product. From surgical leftovers to end pieces. Working with black button on antiseptic for the employees. Michael’s for nose pieces. It’s crazy. There are able to sew 3000+ surgical masks a day (12 workers) and the cutters are able to cut 20,000 a day. […]