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Richard Bensinger, another former AFL-CIO organizing director, said: “Win or lose they [the RWDSU] already won. The good thing is they jumped in feet first. They took on the most powerful, richest guy in the world. Everyone in labor is inspired by this. When there are these big campaigns, some people in the labor movement […]

From Protest in Rochester, NY

Workers United Upstate’s Gary Bonadonna Jr. and Monika Shelton. #DanielPrude #BlackLivesMatter #WhichSideAreYouOn

Photos from Rally at Vernon Downs and Tioga Downs

Tioga Downs and Vernon Downs workers are asking Governor Cuomo to re-open the casinos so that they can get back to work. Theses photos are from the rallies held simultaneously by the five state casinos on August 27. Erin Young, Union Business Representative for Workers United at Vernon Downs, said Workers United Upstate New York […]

Spectrum News Covers Babbitt Bearings Strike

Read the article: Photos by Erin Young, WUUNY/RRJB Business Agent

Biden’s union push could force showdown with Elon Musk

Read article on Axios: What they’re saying: “What Biden is suggesting is that you finally have some teeth in U.S. labor laws,” said Richard Bensinger, a former national organizing director of the AFL-CIO. “By holding Musk personally accountable it might deter Musk from his usual union busting. The current law has no penalties, only remedies […]