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Richard Bensinger, another former AFL-CIO organizing director, said: “Win or lose they [the RWDSU] already won. The good thing is they jumped in feet first. They took on the most powerful, richest guy in the world. Everyone in labor is inspired by this. When there are these big campaigns, some people in the labor movement […]

About Union Organizing

The power of the union comes from the workers themselves banding together with co-workers to collectively represent the interests and needs of the workforce. The other power comes from the fact that the right to organize a union is a fundamental human and civil right. When employers, as some do, try to trample on those […]

Members of Local 1947 Strike

Union members of Local 1947 on strike and picketing in front of Babbitt Bearings today. Rochester Regional Joint Board Business Agent, Eduaro Jofre, says that this strike is the result of years of deception and unfair treatment by management. “The workers gave-in to concessions to help the company when they were asked. The company is […]

Barista Magazine Spotlights SPoT Coffee Workers

“Under the new contract, SPoT employees have significant wage increases, paid sick time, fair staffing levels, and protections from unfair discipline and firings. “People are excited to go to work today. Their attitude and outlook towards working has improved dramatically. People are proud to work for SPoT now. We’ve had a lot of people that […]

Lukas Weinstein Fundraiser

Link to GoFundMe for Lukas Weinstein Fundraiser. Lukas Weinstein was the manager at Spot Coffee in Williamsville, NY. In June, workers at Spot met with representatives from Workers United about forming a union. Lukas attended that meeting. Spot’s upper management demanded that he turn over the names of workers who attended the union meeting. Lukas refused. […]

Gimme! Coffee Baristas Unanimously Ratify Their First Union Contract

Gimme! Coffee Baristas Unanimously Ratify Their First Union Contract ROCHESTER – February 7, 2018 – Baristas at the Ithaca, NY based coffee chain, Gimme! Coffee, unanimously voted to ratify their first union contract with their employer with the help of Workers United – Rochester Regional Joint Board and the Tompkins County Workers Center. The contract follows […]

Gimme! Coffee Baristas Organize Union in Workplace

Gimme Coffee Meeting

Gimme! Coffee Baristas Organize Union in Workplace; NLRB Election to Be Held on Thursday, May 31st   (ITHACA) Approximately 22 Gimme! Coffee baristas will have the opportunity to vote in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election on the question of whether or not to organize a union to negotiate a contract in their workplaces […]